Rough job: barn catches fire in sulzthal town center

Plenty of straw and wood provided good nourishment for the flames; a tractor that was also underneath could not be salvaged for the time being because of the strong flames and the danger of collapse of the half-timbered building.

Loud banging noises were due to the fact that the photovoltaic system installed on the roof could no longer withstand the heat and the individual elements exploded. "Small parts of the plant flew up to us, more than 60 meters away",said a neighbor who was directly affected, recalling that there had already been a fire in the densely built-up center of the village about 50 years ago. Besides the fire department from sulzthal, there were also firefighters from wirmsthal, bad kissingen euerdorf, aura, trimberg, ramsthal and wasserlosen from the neighboring district of schweinfurt with a total of almost 100 people in action.

The local support group from oerlenbach was also on site, for the first time with the new, county-owned vehicle. A total of 19 fire engines and eight vehicles of the red cross, as well as district fire chief, two district fire inspectors and four district fire chiefs as well as expert advisors of the THW, the public utility company and an emergency pastor were on the spot. No one was injured, the red cross took care of nine affected residents.

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