See the world through the lens

This time, the participants in the vacation program had a digital camera in their packs. The children, aged between eight and 15, were in for a very exciting and educational afternoon with adrian price and willi partsch from the ebern creative photography group. The club organized the short course as part of the ebern vacation program, which is organized by the cultural ring and the city of ebern. Under the motto "ebern through the lens of a camera" adrian price the children not only rediscovered their camera and its functions, but also took a closer look at ebern.

But before they started taking pictures, adrian price explained to them how to take great photos and showed them some test photos. After all, the goal of the photo-creative circle is to teach the children that it doesn't matter who takes the most photos the fastest. It's better to focus on the subject and the camera setting to take great photos, he says. "Cameras are not just cameras, you can do much more with them", laughs adrian price. The children were taught how to use a camera in a playful way during this afternoon.

So the children sit down at a table at the mobile home park and listen with interest to the tips price has up his sleeve. "Put all your cameras on the table so that I can see which ones you use for taking pictures", he challenges the kids. As price explained to the children with the help of photos, it often happens that you have too much "around" on the photos and the person who was supposed to be photographed is only standing very small somewhere in the picture. It is also important that photos always show "action" and you don't just stand there stiffly. A classic among the mistakes: "cut off of parts of the head should naturally also be avoided.

How to get the tower into the picture?

After the short theoretical introduction, it's time for practice and the first task is quite demanding. The kids gather in the meadow behind the mobile home park, where they were supposed to take pictures of price at a children's playground. But the church tower should also be fully visible in the background. Even then, the children realized that taking pictures is actually a tricky business. Once the fube of adrian price is missing on the picture, then times the church spire is cut off. But after a while, the kids get the hang of the correct distance and zooming in on the photos.

The second task is also tricky: taking portraits, one with just the head and one with the whole body. The children split into two groups and take pictures of each other. Here they learn again what is important. For example, the fact that you can act as a "model a little to the side and when to hold the camera in portrait and landscape format. Adrian price also explains to the children exactly what the lighting conditions are, which is particularly important when taking photos outdoors in sunlight.

To make sure that the children don't get bored, a visit to a playground is a must on their tour of ebern, where they always stop to take pictures. And there, too, you can get super "action-take pictures of each other running around, doing gymnastics and playing.
The photo afternoon ends for the children after three hours at the ice cream parlor, where they all get their well-deserved scoop of ice cream.

Changing the perspective

"This is the seventh time we have held this youth photography course as part of the vacation program. Years ago, we were approached by the city and our course was always well received by the children", remembers adrian price. The aim of the creative photo circle is to teach the children elementary rules of design and the correct determination of exposure, and to teach them how to "see" correctly to schools. After all, it's not a question of "what", explains noth, but "how" you photograph something.

"We want to teach when to choose portrait format, when to choose landscape format, and we want the children not only to take pictures, but to get an eye for specific photographs. They have to concentrate and be careful not to have too much in the picture. It is also important to teach them that it is necessary to change perspective sometimes. That it often makes sense to get down on one's knees or climb up somewhere in order to get a different perspective on the motif", explains price.

In addition, the association hopes that this action will inspire some young people for photography, who will eventually join the association.

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