Son and father targeted by police

Thursday evening, a patrol of the police ludwigsstadt controlled the 26-year-old driver of a VW in steinbach am wald, because he was not wearing a seat belt. During the check, he was also detected smelling of alcohol. An alcohol test showed 1.7 per mille. The officers seized the driver’s license on the spot and ordered a blood sample to be taken. The 46-year-old father, who was also under the influence of alcohol and sitting in the passenger seat, did not like what was going on and began to insult and threaten the officers. He then took the vehicle’s key so that it could not be prevented from continuing its journey. Only with the threat of appropriate measures and the involvement of a further patrol did he turn the key and, under protest, comply with an order to leave the premises. The driver has been investigated for a drunk driving offense initiated.The father is under investigation for the crime of "disturbing the public peace by threatening to commit a crime" and "insult" to.

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