Surprise at the bauhof barn

During the erection of a trust at the bauhof barn in gnotzheim, it was discovered that the lateral half-timbered wall was shaking. That's why the municipal council meeting on monday evening began at short notice with an on-site meeting.

Actually, the plan for the installation of a workshop was to be voted on. About a third of the barn is to be partitioned off so that the building yard has a heatable room in which to work in winter. However, an initial review of the plans revealed that further fire protection measures will probably be necessary, especially towards the neighboring barn. Mayor rainer ott first wants to discuss this with the district administration office. We will wait for these results before considering an alternative location for the workshop.

Marred crossbeam

Independently of this, however, the side wall needs to be repaired. The truss starts at the bottom on a crossbeam that is in disrepair. Accordingly, it has settled somewhat, so that the connection to the top of the gable is no longer stable and the wall gives way even with slight pressure. The installation of windows should also be included in the planning, the community council decided.

The sump boxes in the districts of enheim, gnotzheim, martinsheim and unterickelsheim are currently being cleaned by a company from wurzburg, the mayor explained. In the intermunicipal alliance sudost 7/22 this had been tendered and awarded jointly.

Signs are put up

For the connection to the ochsenfurt wastewater association (AVO), a test pumping is planned for the end of april, announced rainer ott. The municipality must also build a storm water overflow basin. The required dimensions are currently being calculated by the engineering office.

Councilman johannes scharvogel pointed out that the signs for the 30-zone in the area of the school/kindergarten still have to be put up. In the building yard these are already available.

The associations should submit their applications for the youth demand, requested municipal councillor ulrich falk. An appeal to this effect is to be published in the marktbreiter nachrichten.

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