The highlights of the award season in hollywood

In the next few weeks, hollywood will once again be hosting numerous award ceremonies: on 7. The golden globes will be awarded in january, before the oscar nominations are announced at the end of the month for the awards in early march.

The first favorites for the most important film prizes have already emerged – an overview of the works that are sure to play a major role in the many awards:

– "shape of water": the imaginative tale by mexican director guillermo del toro has already been honored with the golden lowen for best film at the venice festival – and in previous years, venice award winners have gone on to win major awards in hollywood. That seems to be possible this time as well, after all "shape of water" is a wonderfully playful, visually powerful and at the same time touching work, the likes of which have not been seen in the past year. It tells the story of a cleaning woman who meets and falls in love with a captured aquatic creature in a research laboratory.

– "the publisher": once again, the legendary director and multiple oscar award winner steven spielberg ("schindler’s list") devotes himself to a historical topic. Meryl streep plays "the publisher" who edited the "washington post" in the 1970s – the very years in which the watergate affair was exposed. In view of journalistic revelations such as the "paradise papers" and debates about the role and importance of the media, the work is not only topical, but could also provide a political note at the globes and oscars.

– "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri": a mother finally wants to know who killed her daughter and declares war on the local police in a small town in the u.S. The work of iren martin mcdonagh ("see brugge…And die?") develops into a multi-layered tragicomedy that also denounces racism in society and the incompetence of the authorities. Frances mcdormand shines in the leading role as a strong woman who doesn’t let herself be defeated in a world dominated by men. After winning the oscar for best leading actress for "fargo," the u.S. Actress could again be honored with one or the other award for this film.

– "out of nowhere": fatih akin’s NSU drama is nominated at the golden globes for best non-english language film and is also on the shortlist for the oscar nominations. The hamburger director tells the story of katja (hollywood star diane kruger), who loses her husband and son in a bomb attack. At first the police suspected that the turkish-born husband must have been involved in criminal activities before a neo-nazi couple was caught. For her strong performance in "out of nowhere," which is called "in the fade," kruger has already been honored as best actress at the cannes film festival.

– "the florida project": time and again, independent productions made on a rather small budget also triumph at the important hollywood awards. In 2017, for example, "moonlight," about the growing up of a young black homosexual, won the oscar for best film. Now, in insider circles, the film "the florida project" is thought to have a good chance of success. The focus is on a girl who lives with her mother in a cheap motel near the disney world theme park in florida on the edge of the subsistence level.

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