The plot for the new creidlitz fire station is difficult to find

The new building for the fire department in creidlitz will be more expensive than estimated. Thorsten huld of the city’s building department admitted on wednesday in the meeting of the building and environment senate that the first estimates had been a bit too optimistic on the one hand, and on the other hand that the first calculations had been too high. Now the construction on the creidlitzer strabe on the right side at the end of the town in the direction of ketschendorf is estimated at 2.02 million euros, 320000 euros more than initially estimated.

Thorsten huld explained the increase in costs as a result of the general increase in construction prices of five percent last year, a fire alarm system (30,000 euros) and the photovoltaic system required by the energy saving ordinance (enev) (23,500 euros). However, the major part of the additional cost is due to the securing of the construction pit, the earthworks with disposal of excavated earth (126,500 euros) and the resulting higher fees (53,000 euros).

Until now, the creidlitz fire department has been housed quite cramped in the center of town at the school in florianweg. No other site could be found for the new creidlitz fire station – and this is not an easy building site due to its hillside location. The excavation pit on the future building side will be seven meters deep, and 4000 cubic meters of earth will have to be deposited at great expense. "We are trying to use this uncontaminated soil in other construction projects, but the possibilities are limited", said huld to the senate members. In addition, the floor will have to be replaced due to the poor subsoil.

Due to the additional costs, the building department has now planned a profiled sheet metal roof instead of a ground roof, which will also accommodate the photovoltaic system. Three sides of the facade will now receive a thermal barrier composite system instead of cladding with fiber cement panels. However, the plastered styrofoam panels need to be painted more often after experience, mold and algae cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the initially planned facade cladding completely with fiber cement panels is favored again.

Not growing together

Finally, the number of parking spaces for firefighters was reduced by two and the location of the parking lot next to the firehouse was rotated. The location of the parking lot, however, was criticized. According to the integrated urban development concept (isek), the individual districts in coburg should not gradually grow together through new buildings.

Therefore, it is now being examined whether the fire department building with its vehicle hall, training and social rooms can be moved back to the existing creidlitz development and whether the neighboring parking lot can be built in the direction of ketschendorf.

The creidlitz fire department was not to be cut back, according to the tenor of the building senate, but further cost savings through a smaller parking lot should be considered. On the one hand, the members of the fire department could park on the training area in front of the wall, and on the other hand, the company parking lot opposite the wall could be used for parking during training sessions. This, according to the senate’s order to the administration, should be discussed with the company dietze. The building regulations for new fire station buildings require that alarm exits, station areas and parking spaces must not overlap.

No passive house construction

The majority of the building and environmental senate rejected the new construction of the fire department building according to the passive house energy standard. Three years ago, the city council had decided that any new municipal building should be built according to this standard. As a result, an economic feasibility study was added to the concept. According to the building department, this study cost 15,000 euros for the new creidlitz fire station. If the building was then constructed according to the passive house standard, additional costs of an estimated 170,000 euros were incurred. CSU, CSB and pro coburg argue that a fire station does not have to be heated like a residential building all the time. The vehicle garages alone accounted for almost half of this amount. Therefore, this high energy standard is not appropriate.

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