The renovation of the town hall is progressing

The town hall in steinberg will be renovated this year to make it more energy efficient. In its first meeting after the summer break, the municipal council voted in favor of the "new building" the installation of walkable insulation in the attic and the replacement of the existing dam material in the old building. The work is carried out by the company wachter from wilhelmsthal at a price of 21795 euro.
The renovation of the school gymnasium is scheduled to begin in april of next year. At the beginning of the school year in 2019, the acceptance procedure should be completed with total costs of 2,678,000 euros, of which the community's own contribution amounts to 907,000 euros, said architect kersten schottner. He gave the council a status report on the changes that had been made in the past three months. He said that there had been no major deviations from the final plan. He also went into detail about the individual areas of demand.
The space planned for the storage of wood pellets has become available and can be used as a storage room. Everything has been done to achieve the best possible claim, said the planner. Mayor susanne grebner (SPD) was also satisfied with the decision. All in all, about 85 percent of the demand will be received, so everyone pulled together, she said.
In addition, the acquisition of an e-mail server and the introduction of an honorary award dominated the meeting. Two topics that were hotly debated, but each ended with a unanimous resolution. Some council members were surprised that there was only one offer for a purchase of almost 16,000 euros. Others criticized the late action of the administration, because the EDP was about to "collapse" stands. Jochen gleich (CSU) replied that an up-to-date system was in place, which was also at a reasonable level. With the increasing life span however the risk of failure rises, so that one must invest nevertheless again and again. "There must be no wild hardware landscape", he said. The individual components had to be coordinated with each other. After franz buttner (SPD) gave in, it was decided to commission techno-plan with the delivery and installation of the exchange server. "There was nothing to be done with the table presentation, now the situation has been clarified", said buttner.

Maximum of three medal winners

There was also a lengthy discussion on the introduction of an honorary award. Contrary to the recommendation of the local development committee, a maximum of three people per year will now be awarded the honorary medal of the municipality. This is intended to honor the honorary commitment of citizens (also outside of club work). The first award is to be made at the christmas meeting. Until then, everyone can submit proposals together with their reasons.
The community development committee then submitted a proposal to the community council. Local councillor heinrich fortsch (CSU) would also have liked to see a "surcharge" for the renovation of the town hall a single citizen had been selected from each part of the village. A corresponding statute was passed, as well as the acquisition of 30 bronze silver-plated medals. Petra ohring (CSU) criticized the desolate condition of the path from the "frack to the cemetery" and asked to have it repaired by the building yard. Heinrich fortsch was surprised that the community development concept was not on the agenda. The mayor said that the kick-off event would be postponed by one month.
Councillor Jurgen Hempfling (CSU) drew attention to the bridge in gifting. Parts have been ordered, and once they arrive, the acceptance process will be completed immediately.

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