The teuschnitz will receive a gauging station in wickendorf

The kronach water management office intends to erect a gauging station with a measuring channel at the steinweg bridge in wickendorf. At its meeting on monday, the teuschnitz city council gave the go-ahead for the project.

The bridge gauge is used to electronically measure the water level and flow velocity, also with a view to flood events for riparians. The site for the gauging station is granted to the water management office for a lease of 450 euros per year for an indefinite period of time. For the project, a small house will be built to the right of the bridge on the municipal strip of land, about 1.5 meters from the road.

According to michael hebentanz (), the teuschnitz is a third-order watercourse. First and second order waters are state-owned waters. Systematic measurements are already being taken for these, in contrast to those of third-order water. In order to obtain measurement data here as well, the bavarian state office for the environment has picked out a few, including the teuschnitz river.

Refund only for hard cases

At the request of hebentanz, the subject of the road expansion contribution statute was discussed. The abolition, which was carried out at the behest of the free voters, was not a simple matter, either for the municipalities or for those liable to pay the contributions. This applies in particular to the cut-off date transitional regime, which can never be fair. Since 1. January 2018 no more contributions will be required from burghers. The free voters failed in their demand for a refund of the contributions until 2014. Instead, all contributions up to 31. Decisions served in december 2017 legally valid. The only possibility for a refund between the 1. January 2014 and 31. December 2017, the existence of a financial hard. The hard case fund foresees 50 million euro. For comparison: in this period 250 million euro contributions had been paid. The exact guidelines will be determined by a commission to be established in march 2019. Potential strabs in this period have already been reported.

According to hebentanz, high individual contributions up to six figures are defined as hard cases, which could only have been the case in southern bavaria or upper bavaria in scattered settlements with farms. In our village structure, no one has paid such sums. Therefore, even with such a definition, no one would have a chance of getting a refund. He suggested a merger of all municipalities in upper franconia and the compilation of all collected contributions of the last five to ten years. The jointly achieved high peak range should be included as an aspect of the hard-case definition – as, for example, with the wastewater hard-case regulation – as soon as possible, i.E., before the commission makes its decision.

All parties agreed to pull out all the stops so that the citizens could keep their money. According to the mayor, close contact is being maintained with the bavarian municipal association and the kronach district association. If you act as a giant association, you have more weight. After the commission is established, the issue will be put back on the agenda. In the last non-public meeting, three applications for the municipal urban development program were approved, the purchase of a snowplow from the company baywa for more than 5,000 euros, and the purchase of a sewer renovation for about 12,000 euros..

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