The worst night of her life

A visit to the zeil wine festival had serious consequences for a woman from coburg: district court judge roland wiltschka sentenced the 64-year-old to a three-month driving ban and a fine of 45 days at three euros each for reckless endangerment of road traffic. The verdict is already legally binding.

Before the court in habfurt, the pensioner described the night of 4. August as the worst night of your life. Together with her handicapped companion, the coburg woman had driven to the zeiler wine festival in the mobile home. There she drank herself up to 22 o'clock after all 1.24 promille and then retreated with her husband in the camper back.

Riot in front of the mobile home

Since the woman was not familiar with the area, she had parked the vehicle near the fixed area. The pitch turned out to be a bad choice. Around 10 p.M., when the couple was already in bed, teenagers began to riot in front of the mobile home. "They groaned and banged on the window. They didn't stop even after I asked them to be quieter", the 64-year-old woman testified in court.

For the woman, the alarm became unbearable. She was mainly worried about her life, the defendant said. That's why she decided to take a momentous step: she got behind the wheel, drunk, in order to reverse the vehicle and thus escape the traffic jam.Unfortunately, during the manover near the city wall, after 200 meters, she got stuck on the roof of a building. There was property damage of 800 euros, which the police recorded on the spot.

No therapy without a driver's license

"We must determine whether you are of suitable character to drive a motor vehicle", judge wiltschka explained to the defendant. She repeatedly emphasized that she did not want to lose her driver's license. "I have to drive to therapy every day for my life. There is no other solution", she said in despair. Judge roland wiltschka saw it differently.

He followed the recommendation of the public prosecutor dieter brunner and sentenced the driver to a driving ban of three months. "Actually, i had to revoke their driver's license. The ruling is a very rough accommodation. I haven't done that for ten or fifteen years", said the magistrate. A reckless endangerment of road traffic was normally punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to two years as well as suspension of driving license, he explained.

Fraud with the health insurance company

The lenient sentence is possible because of the "unusual circumstances" of the crime reigned. "They only drove a very short distance and wanted to get out of the line of fire", wiltschka held the defendant in good stead. To her detriment fell that the woman already has two entries in the federal central register. In 2008 she was convicted of theft and in 2010 she was convicted of 17 counts of fraud at the coburg district court. In the fraud case, the defendant had submitted false receipts to the health insurance company for the care of her partner. So she got money for him that he was not entitled to.

The defendants' joy over the lenient sentence was limited. "Can i not keep my driver's license?", she asked several times. She could not. For the next three months, a transport service will have to take them to therapy.

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