This is what the warning beacons on the margaretendamm are all about

Something is being built? Or maybe there is a deep hole in the asphalt? Some motorists have been wondering for some time why there are six warning beacons in the middle of the roadway on margaretendem between the old indoor swimming pool and the headquarters of bamberg's municipal utility company. A closer look reveals that the pavement is not broken, but it doesn't look like construction work either.

Nevertheless, the keyword is "construction work" the right thing to do when searching for the reason for a beacon meeting. Jan giersberg, press spokesman at the stadtwerke (STWB), clarifies: "this is related to the reconstruction of the siechenkreuzung in the immediate vicinity."

The rough project for the so-called northern tangent began in may of this year and will probably continue into the late fall. Along the memmelsdorfer strabe/ magazinstrabe/ regensburger ring axis, facilities for cyclists are being created, intersections and bus stops are being made barrier-free, and street surfaces are being renovated. All this work also affects the public transport system (opnv) and thus the city buses, which in some cases no longer stop at or can pass through the roads.

"That's why we have set up two on-demand stops at the old indoor swimming pool", explains giersberg. These stops on the margaretendamm were also used in the mornings for school traffic when the children change from one line to another. "To ensure this, we have marked this need center island with the warning beacons. This way, schools can cross the road more safely and, if necessary, stop briefly when there is a lot of traffic."

Maybe cars should be prevented from overtaking stopping buses as well? A car can't get through when the bus is parked between the center island and the sidewalk. "No, the need center island has nothing to do with it", the stadtwerke spokesman makes it clear. As things stand at the moment, he assumes that the evasive stops and the warning beacon center island will still be used until around the end of october.

Detour announced

For the coming week, he sends an information right behind: because of the construction work at the siechenkreuzung, some buses of the stadtwerke had to take a detour in the next two weeks – from 25. September to 9. October – take a detour.

Line 904 bypasses the construction site in both directions via margaretendamm (substitute stop "hallenbad") and lichtenhaidestrabe. Line 915, which travels into town, is diverted via the train station to the central bus station (ZOB) and can therefore not make the "ottokirche" stops, "lowenstrabe" and "german house" do not approach. Those schools that want to change between lines 904 and 915 can do so in the morning at the "hallenbad" substitute stop, as described above at noon the change is only possible at ZOB.

Schoolchildren who want to take the regional bus from hallstadt to the dientzenhofer grammar school change at the "bahnhof/ludwigstrabe" stop into the buses of line 907.

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