This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. October to coburg

This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. october to coburg

The songwriter werner schmidbauer comes on friday, 13. October, with his first solo program to coburg. The concert takes place from 20.30 o’clock in the black baren instead.
For more than 20 years werner schmidbauer formed a duo with martin kalberer, at times a trio with pipo pollina and martin kalberer, playing to sold-out houses and the packed arena di verona. Now he returns to his roots as a songwriter with his first solo program.
Reduced to one voice and one guitar, old and new songs take on a whole new depth when werner schmidbauer’s musical treasure chest is opened up. Closest he has ever been to his audience than in this program.
"After 35 years of making songs and after 22 years in a duo with martin kalberer, it is now a great and urgent need for me to stand alone on stage with my songs. I just wanted to let the songs sound pure, i.E. Only with guitar and voice, to stand on stage as a singer with my guitar and experience the intimitacy and essence of my songs together with the audience, unprotected by other sounds and arrangements" says the 56-year-old who has been "live from alabama" for many years hosted and has hosted the tv show "gipfeltreffen" since 2003 as a spokesman prominent fellow hiker accompanied. The rest and the experiences on the long journeys in his "free year" had brought him back to himself, schmidbauer says. "With themselves." Arrived, he now also wants to be much closer to my audience again. Schmidbauer: "we will listen together, groove, laugh, cry and enjoy the moments in the south of our hearts."
Tickets are available from the usual ticket agencies.

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