Vcd handed over list of signatures

Coburg aims to profit from the success of the munich-berlin ice route. Signatures were therefore collected. Now the VCD announces the result in a press release. "Our petition for more ICE stops in coburg was a resounding success. On 18.09.In 2018, we were able to hand over almost 4,000 signatures, of which 300 were handwritten and 3,700 via the campact internet platform, to the bavarian railroad company representative, mr. Josel.", gerd weibelzahl from the coburg district group of the ecological transport club VCD is pleased with the positive outcome of the campaign, which was carried out from mid-july to mid-september.

Important for weibelzahl are the comments that the burgers were able to leave, especially on the internet platform. There it becomes clear that the citizens are happy about the new ICE connection and now want to participate in the success of the connection. Therefore, more stops are clearly required in order to be able to profit from the route. This demand is also supported by the coburg economy in the form of a resolution of the coburg chamber of commerce and industry.

Group representative klaus-dieter josel sees the new rail link as a big win: "after just a few months, our forecasts for passenger growth have been exceeded, so we have been able to win many new customers for our environmentally friendly means of transport. However, we have also been somewhat overrun by our own success. Unfortunately, due to the infrastructure and the lack of trains, it is currently not possible to serve more trains in coburg to the extent desired by the population." He promises that the railroad is working intensively to improve the connection to coburg as well.

For weibelzahl, the timeline is an important factor for more stops in coburg: "soon there will be more ICE trains because the new ICE 4 series will be available. Soon the infrastructure will be more passable, as the nurnberg – ebensfeld rail line will be four-tracked as far as eggolsheim from december 2018 and it is expected that the missing gap to breitengubbach will also be closed in the foreseeable future." He expects the railroad to make an honest effort with regard to the promised review for more ICE stops in coburg from the end of 2019. "The will of the citizens was clearly demonstrated with our list of signatures", weibelzahl concludes

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