With frock coat and top hat to the arrest

Once there, the ebenhausers look for the 38 painted on the floor so that they can line up for the train. "Our predecessors – a brass band – pass us by. We line up and join the train with our assigned shield carrier.", remembers christina muhleck, 2. Youth dance director.

Actually nothing for the summer
Luckily volkach offers with its narrow streets and high houses provide enough shade so that the people of ebenhausen do not have to sweat too much despite the sunny weather. The men wear finally over their long-sleeved shirt with bow and vest also the almost knee-length black frock coat and the top hat, and also the women are with their long, black pliseerocken and in the long-sleeved, narrow korres, still in addition with the cloth over and partly hoods on their heads, not exactly dressed in a way that could be called summery.

Extra burial
But the many spectators admire and praise the beautiful festive costumes and enjoy the lively comments of bernd, who is accompanied by two women ("you have two women or what??" "Yes village i don't take my mother in law with me?"). The trachtler from the oerlenbacher part of the village is also pleased about the two times burial of the festival management, which stands with microphone at the roadside in the old village and gives information about the passing groups: "we buried the traditional costume and costume dance group from ebenhausen, which presents us the festival costume, as it was worn around 1900. She celebrates her 25th anniversary in october."

After the somewhat abrupt end of the procession goes to the mainland. The many beer tables offer plenty of space, although not enough for the whole group, so that the ebenhausers split up. With the vouchers they get bratwurst and wine or juice and spend a few hours chatting and listening to the music on the square surrounded by food stalls and the stage. "Even on the way back to the car we receive compliments on our clothes", christina muhleck is pleased. Everyone agrees: you can take part in a train like this more often. 

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