“You really live for the village”

Charlotte Wittnebel-Schmitz growing old together, standing together in good times and bad, that's what every couple wants when they get married. Edgar (73) and luzia wolf (68) from machtilshausen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on saturday. Wedding day.

Luzia hieb was born mutzel and was born in 1951 in machtilshausen. Edgar wolf is five years old and was born in wingst near cuxhaven in 1946.

They have known each other for so long that it is difficult for them to describe how they got to know each other. "We don't know", says luzia first. The two had lived only a few steps away from each other for years. Shortly afterwards they remember.

At the dance into may in the inn remling in hammelburg it had sparked. Edgar has been "in and out" of luzia's family for two years, he had lived with her and her family for a year until the two of them were married in 1970, first in the registry office and then in church in the village church st. James the elder married. After the wedding, they moved in with edgar's father and stepmother. Later, their own children grew up in this house.

Edgar did an apprenticeship as a buttner, the term used at the time for craftsmen who made holders and fixtures out of wood. He was in the army for two years and got his truck driver's license there. He was a truck driver for about five years and then worked for the bindrum company in hammelburg until he retired. Lucia worked for five years in the former bischof butcher's shop before the wedding.

1971, one year after the wedding, daughter romana came into the world. Their second daughter carina was born in 1977. Meanwhile they also have children. Edgar and luzia have five grandchildren. "All the boys."

The most important thing for her parents is to have everyone around them, says her oldest daughter romana. The distribution of tasks at home works quite classically. Luzia does a lot in the house. She is also particularly fond of the garden. "Preferably day and night", she says. Edgar takes care of the rest. There was never any dispute about the distribution of tasks.

"There were a few points that were worth discussing, but they were discussed and a solution was reached, says edgar. "In the evening they kiss again" and the next day the matter was forgotten. "We never thought about divorce." "The two of them always did everything together", says her daughter.

The two have been involved in social, local political and sporting activities for decades. Edgar has played soccer enthusiastically since his youth and was active as a volunteer youth coach and youth director among other things.

He has done a lot of work on the sports home and the soccer field. He also played a leading role in the construction of the water treading pool in 2006. "It won't happen on its own, you have to go from house to house and get people together", says edgar. "This has created a sense of cohesion." From 1989 to 2014 he was a member of the municipal council of elfershausen for the citizens' list machtilshausen. For twelve years he was 3. Mayor. "One really lives for the village and the general public."

In 2016 he was awarded the federal cross of merit on ribbon for his tireless efforts. "I was very happy about that. I am also very proud of that", he says. Luzia has been active in the local gymnastics group for over 30 years and helps to organize and organize numerous festivities. Your 50th birthday celebration. They canceled their wedding day a long time ago because of corona. "We will simply celebrate 50 + 1 next year", says edgar.

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